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Case dimensions :
Length 52.60mm / Width 39.00mm / Thickness 11.9
Water resistance :
3 bar (30m / 100ft)
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Touch Review by Sejir
(Posted on 10/3/13)
I ve got this watch and i like the new style and color on it the screen is magic with beautiful digital number wonderful from swatch just price should be less little .
Great watch but just a few things I would change. Review by Delmarco
(Posted on 9/4/13)
There is not a lot to really say about these watches. I got the Grey Facets SURB111 with the infra-red led on black face and returned it after a couple of days. I will just do a pro/con run down of these watches which will culminate why at this time I don't recommend them at all.

1. Cool looking/ Eye catching designs. There are like 20 arrangements of colors and led faces to choose from.

2. Waterproof to 100 feet/30 meters.

3. CR1632 is relatively cheap and very EASY to replace.

4. Touch function has a shorter than expected learning curve and is fairly easy to use.

5. There is plenty of potential direction for Swatch to improve these Touch watches. The platform is unique and mold-able. Samsung just released a line of Galaxy Smart watches to accompany their phones and I think Swatch could easily build towards that direction with the Touch.

1. Price: This watch is barely worth $50 much less the retail of $140 that Swatch wants for it. Every con that follows this one will reiterate why.

2. Quality: While the design is indeed nice the construction is really shoddy and the plastic build screams knock off. In fact, this is the reason why I purchased my Touch from a physical Swatch Store. There were too many complaints about online/eBay fakes that people bought.

3. The glass face is NOT sapphire Crystal! I repeat it is NOT Sapphire Crystal! I'm not sure why I keep reading online stores and Amazon stating Sapphire Crystal as a feature of this watch (hence the steep price tag). Swatch doesn't say what it is on the packing and website but is most likely Mineral glass that is very easy to scratch and very prone to pick up dirt, oils and fingerprints.

4. Low led screen contrast. My red led numbers were really faint and hard to read. This was more or less the same for the other band colors I tried on in the store.

5. Silicone Band is cheap and will definitely not last beyond a year from normal daily wear. The pattern also seems painted on. I've read lots of reviews stating the band falls off after 12 months. The issue here is the band hinge at the case is really frail and thin. It is only inevitable that it should fall apart sooner or later. However Swatch's (usually stellar) warranty is not clear on how the bands are replaced. My Grey Facets color theme is a seasonal edition that may not be around after a year or two. So how will I get the specific 'Grey Facet' themed band replacement? In response to my inquiry the Swatch store clerk said what they do is put on another similar band. In my case an all black band. That was not a cool answer to hear after spending $140. Also the bands are proprietary and can ONLY be replaced with another Touch band.

6. You cannot swap around the led internals inside onto another Touch. It is sealed uni-body affair. I would have liked to be able to swap around cases and bands like you can with Fitbit tracker bands or iPhone cases. Here if you want a different color band for a different outfit you have to buy a different Touch. I'm surprised Swatch didn't consider this since the target buyers for these will be Tweens and Teenagers.

7. That brings me to my final con. These watches work best on teenagers and kids that want something cool to wear at the start of the school year or during summer vacation. They will most likely grow out of them and want something else after a few months and that will be fine. These Touch watches are not long term investments. Unless you are a Night Club DJ or Movie Star it won't really work for the average adult who tend to want a $140 watch to last more than a year. With that said it brings me back to the original Con; the price. Swatch should really sell these at the $70 mark. At $140 I would have want Sapphire Glass, better use of plastics/silicone as well as user-interchangeable bands & cases.

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