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The elegant style of this women's automatic watch will make for a bold accent item when added to any formal or professional outfit. Beautifully crafted and featuring an intricate skeleton dial, this watch will make a welcome addition to any wardrobe.
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Case dimensions :
Length 43.00mm / Width 37.40mm / Thickness 11.6
Color :
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Case Material :
St. Steel
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The one posting that was critical...Lack Of Knowlwdge.. Review by Jim
(Posted on 10/30/14)
Astounding to see a critical posting from someone who does not understand how an automatic watch works.
The poster should know the basics that a new automatic watch should be hand wound and then worn on the wrist to continue the automatic winding. This basic fact is true from such top of the line automatic watches such as Omega, Rolex and Patak Phillipe to basic lower cost automatic watches. Leave the watch off your wrist for a few days even if you do all of the above and all automatic watches will stop working....
Amazing Automatics are... amazing! Review by Mimi
(Posted on 6/26/14)
I love fine watches but ca't always afford their fine price tag. never the less, I know a good movement when I see it. I never thought of owning a Swatch, but have to admit that this Swatch Automatic is easity comparable to any of the high end luxury automatic watchs that run on the thousands. Wearing mine religiously as my everyday watch and I get nothing but awes and compliments from even the finest watch snobs. Great Job Swatch! Make more automatics... but maybe in smaller dial sizes for petite wrists.
perfect. Review by mjhickey the Watch maker
(Posted on 6/24/14)
It is a great look a watch . It also tell time to the sec. Keep up the good work
Love it! Review by Sasha
(Posted on 2/25/14)
I'm not exactly a fan of watches but while I was looking around a mall, this particular model caught my eyes. It was very beautifully crafted and I loved the fact it had Roman numerals that were cut out thus you can actually see all the gears placed behind it. It's now been almost three months since I've got it and I still absolutely love it. I wear it almost everyday and the automatic feature doesn't seem to be a problem at all. I also have quite small wrists and it's great that it doesn't appear too bulky on me like most watches do and it goes it well with practically anything I wear from casual to formal.
Quiet happy Review by Jan
(Posted on 1/21/14)
I bought this watch while on holiday in Lanzarote in the Fund Grub store.
When I heard it was automatic, I was delighted as no batteries required. I have worn it now for about 6 weeks and only taken it off to shower etc.
I really like this little watch and find it very comfortable to wear, however it has been running a couple of minutes fast and I have had to correct it a couple of times.
Does anyone know how long it would keep running for, if not worn? ;))
Excellent value, accurate, high quality Review by clockman
(Posted on 1/12/14)
I bought this at a swatch store to ensure authenticity. First thing I noticed is the high quality of the movement and design. There are no winding issues as this is an automatic watch which I wanted and obviously you have to have movement to wind. The first day it wasn't wound enough but no big deal as just shook it and have been wearing since then for weeks no problem. This watch is very accurate. The price of an automatic watch is not cheap but the price of this was very reasonable I thought compared to other automatic watches. I wish they would make more automatics or manual watches as I do not like battery watches.
This one's not for me Review by JC317
(Posted on 11/10/13)
Let me begin by saying I LOVE Swatch watches. In fact, every time I'm in Union Station in DC I stop by the Swatch store and buy myself a "gift". Two days before my last visit to DC I received an email describing the Rosetta Nera watch and knew I had to head to my favorite shop and pick one up.
One important thing you should know is that this watch is not battery operated - it is powered by movement. That being said, the next morning when I got up for my 10:30 meeting I noticed that the watch was at 9:00 and didn't think anything of it until 45 minutes later it was still 9:00. As I was running late to my meeting I wonder how this watch would ever function accurately unless one wears it to bed and then waves their arm around during their sleep. I'm sad it say I that I am very disappointed with this watch and hope to return it in the very near future.

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